Infill plots of residential housing at Chelston Rise

Case Study>> Residential Planning>> Chelston Rise, East Northamptonshire

Client>> Davies & Co. on behalf of landowner

Project>> Infill Residential Housing Plots


Two outline planning applications were submitted by Davies & Co on behalf of the landowner for a total of nine residential housing units on land at Chelston Rise.  GP Planning provided the Planning Statements in support of the applications and commissioned the preparation of the accompanying illustrative plans.

The sites are within a former military base belonging to the United States Air Force.  The Chelston Rise development was converted to civilian use in 2010 after the US Air Force vacated the site in 2009.

The applications were supported by illustrative site layout plans, to demonstrate how the sites could be developed satisfactorily for residential development.  East Northamptonshire District Council accepted the arguments set out in the Statements and planning permission was granted for both schemes, on the basis that they comply with the NPPF requirement for the delivery of sustainable development.