Waste transfer station Kettering in need of extension

Case Study>> Waste >>Telford Way, Kettering,

Client>> Shanks Waste Management Ltd and Storefield Group

Project>>Extension to the Waste Transfer Station/Materials Recycling Facility


The site is located on Furnace Park, Telford Way, Kettering, Northamptonshire. and is bordered on three sides by commercial uses and on the fourth side by the Midland Mainline London to Leicester Railway.  Beyond the railway line, to the east, there is residential and mixed use commercial development.  The site is a waste management facility, which was operated by Shanks Waste Management until it was purchased by Storefield  Group in 2015.

A planning application was submitted on behalf of Shanks in 2010 for a doubling of the size of the main waste processing building to enable the installation of state of the art recyclable waste sorting, to recover a significantly higher proportion of recyclates from the mixed domestic recyclables collected on behalf of a number of the local authorities in the vicinity of the site.  The application also sought permission for the doubling of the waste inputs to the site, from 1250,000 tonnes per annum to 265,000 tonnes per annum.

Planning permission was granted and following the submission of details to discharge conditions prior to the commencement of development, the extension was built and the equipment installed.  Shanks Waste Management subsequently sold a number of its sites and as result could no longer justify retaining the Kettering site. It was cleared and sold in 2015 to Storefield Group.